Our Puppy Procedure

After reading through this section of our website and you agree to proceed, a physical document (Sales Contract) will be sent to your email where you will have to indicate and make known your chosen puppy / dog after which you will have to sign the document and send a copy back to us, Your signature will indicates that you have read, agrees and does understand all the conditions and information regarding expectations and responsibilities between us, within this “Sales Contract”.

Step by Step Procedure

We truly care about our puppies and their future well being. This is why we require any potential puppy / dog owner to fill out the puppy “Form” after which a “Sales Contract” will be emailed to you. To submit an inquiry for your puppy / dog, Please visit the Available Puppies Page and click on “MAKE INQUIRY” button next to the puppy you wish to take home and a contact form will popup, you will have to fill in the required information needed to proceed and hit “SEND INQUIRY”.

We would like all of our puppies / dogs to be walked everyday at least once a day for 30 minutes minimum, if weather permitting. If you cannot or will not walk the puppy / dog, please do not proceed. A walk to a puppy / dog is like TV, a movie and all the fun you enjoy each day. The puppy / dog must be on a Harness – Never a collar and Never on a flexi lead.! Dogs and Puppies are killed because a flexi-lead makes it difficult to control a puppy or dog.

To proceed with the adoption procedure, You will also have to read through our Payment Options to find a suitable payment method which you will be using for the payment of your puppy / dog.

We are not a click and pay website, no puppy ever leaves our home without our adoption application filled out, multiple phone conversations, interview or personal hand delivery or pickup. We never ship our babies by Cargo and we absolutely want you to meet us if possible. For you to get to know us as much as we want to get to know you and your family. It’s essential we know whom ever is buying or adopting a puppy from us, to know who is willing to provide a loving forever home because every puppy is provided with the same amount of love and care and we hope our new families will continue on where we left off.